Fruta Kool Kidz Private Primary Schools’ Championship

Published: March 6th, 2020

ST. GEORGE’S – 18th February 2020 – At the launch ceremony of the Private Primary Schools’ Championship, held at the Olympic House in Grand Anse, St. George, on Thursday 13th February, 2020, Fruta Kool Kidz, again pledged sponsorship support to the tune of $20,000.

The Chairman of the Grenada Private Primary Schools’ Association, Kester Elcock expressed profound gratitude to Huggins for its continued support. He stated that patrons can look forward to a total of fifty-six (56) events amongst eighteen schools. The event will be held on Thursday 5th March from 1pm at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium. He also added that this year’s championship will not include the under 7 age group since a separate competition was held for them earlier this year.

 Fruta Kool Kidz Brand Manager, Randy Campbell said that this year as Huggins celebrates its 100 years of service to the Grenadian people, the company remains committed to sports and the overall development of our nation’s youth. He commended the work of the Grenada Private Primary Schools’ Association and encouraged them to continue looking for ways to improve the event.

Also addressing the delegates was Mr. Ashley Cummings, Senior Coach from the Ministry of Sports, who praised the organisers and sponsors and pledged the ministry’s full support to the success of the event.

This year marks the eleventh year of Huggins’ sponsorship of the Private Primary Schools’ sponsorship; nine of these eleven years were sponsored by Ribena. We wish the committee a successful championship.

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